Current prices of my black-and-white caricatures (from photos) are 80 $ USD for 1 face (A4 sheet of paper), $160 USD for 2 faces (A3 sheet of paper), $240 USD for 3 faces, and etc.

I also draw black-and-white dog caricatures – $100 USD for 1 head; dog caricatures in color – $140 USD for 1 head (A3 sheet of paper).

Current prices of my pencil/charcoal portraits begin from 750 USD (paper size about 60×50 cm). Oil and acrylic portraits on canvas begin from $950 USD for one person (head – paper size about 60×50 cm). Portraits with hands begin from $1300 USD.

Add also shipping costs, which are calculated depending of a destination of a parcel.

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